Hotel amenities

Hotel amenities

Children's playground

Children's playground is next to the pool, and parents can keep an eye on their children and enjoy the pool at the same time. The playground is suited for smaller children and is completely safe and fenced off from environmental impacts; however, parents are kindly asked not to leave their children unsupervised.

Olive garden

Hotel Murter is surrounded by olive-trees which bear fruit almost every year and the olives are used to produce extra virgin olive oil. The entire Markov family, which runs Hotel Murter, participates in the picking of olives.

Any help with picking the olives is welcome, and this is an interesting and unusual experience. Socializing in nature, in fresh air, with friendly people, is priceless.

Hotel Murter organizes olive-picking every year in late October and anyone interested can send a query to the hotel's official e-mail address.

"It was received by philosophers and the wise, and it visited islands and azure beaches one by one. The olive was quiet and worthy, resembling a nun, and marine winds bent its fallen stems." – Tin Ujević, Croatian poet.