Resort "Žut"

Resort "Žut"

An ideal place for rehabilitation walking and active vacation.

Get a taste of old Murter and Žut inhabitants' lives.

The island of Žut is the second largest island of the Kornati archipelago, but is not part of the national park. The island's highest peak is Gubavac and its height is 155 m. A small Church of St. Cross is located on the island, which was consecrated in 2011, while its construction began before World War II. According to the latest 2011 census, there are 4 permanent residents on the island.

The island is dominated by its highest peak called Gubavac. In medieval times members of Venetian nobility came here to recover from various illnesses, as the place was famous for native plants and their medicinal properties. Gubavac affords a magnificent and unforgettable view of the Kornati archipelago.

The Markov Family has an estate on the island of Žut in a bay called Babin bok. At the end of 2011 they registered a family-operated farm with 80 sheep. The farm has a private beach and a pier. The farm includes an ancient olive orchard, and the family plans to plant a new orchard cultivating all Mediterranean varieties.

Hotel Murter, organizes excursions to the family far at the island of Žut in the cove Babin bok, exclusively for hotel guests, and all additional information can be requested by e-mail or at the hotel's reception desk.

*For accommodation lasting 14 or more days, a free excursion organized by the hotel (boat trip, welcome drink at the ranch, tour of the ranch, swimming in the beautiful cove Babin Bok, traditional lunch).

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