Murter village

The village of Murter is located on the eponymous island and is also the largest village on the island. The village was initially named Veliko Selo - Big Village (since the 13th century) and Srimač (Srimac), and since 1715, it is called Murter.

It stretches towards the cove Hramina in which a marina was built and towards the cove Slanica which boasts the most beautiful beach on the Šibenik riviera, as well as the camping site and hotel Colentum. The Hramina cove is protected from all winds and provides a safe haven for yachts.

The economic basis consists of farming, fishery and tourism. The village is located near the regional road and has a permanent population of about 2000, while during tourist season the number is much higher, roughly about four times.

At the foot of the hill of Gradina, in the Hramina cove and elsewhere, there are the remains of Roman buildings which were a part of the ancient village of Colentum. At cape Gradina there is the village cemetery where ancient Croatian tombs were found. The cemetery also houses the Church of Our Lady of Gradina from the 17th century. St. Michael's Parish Church (reconstructed in 1770) features a Baroque altar crafted by masters Pio and Vicko dall'Acqua, as well as an Cretian-Venetian school icon.