About the hotel

About the hotel

Hotel Murter is located in the town of Murter on the northwest side of the island. The family-owned hotel is a cosy place offering great Dalmatian food, wonderful ambiance and true Dalmatian hospitality.

Hotel is located on the hill of Raduč, offering an impressive view of the village of Murter, Betina, Tisno, the Velebit mountain, the surrounding islands, islets and cliffs, as well as smaller nearby villages.

In hot summer days beautiful olive trees offer pleasant shade, making the hotel terrace and other outdoor areas great for relaxation. Winters are mild and the island is now popular in the winter months as well. Hotel Murter also features a Health & Spine Lifting program and guests can also enjoy spending time at the Nado Health Center.

Warm, welcoming, and family-run. Hotel Murter is your home away from home on Murter Island. Relax, recharge, and indulge in our cozy accommodations and delicious cuisine, and take advantage of our on-site polyclinic to improve your health. Come as guests, leave as family.

About the hotel staff

Andrija – the brother in charge of the culinary segment of the hotel. This young and trained chef, born in 1993, has worked in many kitchens and has extensive experience, but just in case, his Mom Vanja is nearby to help out with her vast cooking experience.

Mom Vanja – also in charge of the culinary segment, helping in the kitchen with her experience and advice.

Ivan – the second brother, in charge of the reception desk. Ivan was born in 1992 and is about to get a degree in financial management, and prior to that, he received an hotel and tourist commercialist education.

Domagoj – the third brother was born in 2006 and is, of course, too young to participate in the family business.

Jelena – Jelena was born in 1995 and she is a hair stylist. She is currently employed at the beauty salon and a hair stylist and beautician and soon she will join the staff of Hotel Murter.